Leader Board

Bitbase Master Leader board

Highest Miners list with the amount they have mined this week. This leader board shows real-time data of top miners of the week.

1 1111111111111111111114oLvT2 0.04243
2 3L6JTnSF9uopWMoQW9cDF6VPxCKU9FYwyf 0.03337975
3 3JSdUu1ivm3rqMvuCTAdAj6Dc2hdVhHiEe 0.03047537
4 1HxxvCFTaUWjFo46AVjVEKkvGCKt3mkiBR 0.02950798
5 bc1q4ytnggrz7ga48qk6radf8wpjn6sqdkgqm3jmxv 0.02487921

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