Bitbase does cloud mining through its mining farms with advance technology and hashing algorithms and also allows free mining with the earning rate of 0.00000100BTC/min. There are premium plans for faster and better mining.

First you don’t need to invest anything. Bitbase consistently paying its miners since launch, Bitbase earns from advertisements, mining plans and the maintenance fees paid by free uses. Bitbase also share part of the income for its growth and security. Please stop claiming Bitbase as scam.

Starting with Bitbase requires a bitcoin address where we can send your earned btc. By adding your BTC address in the start mining box & you automatically start mining with free GHS.

Withdrawing is easy just you need to have 0.00500000BTC to qualify. Yes, there is maintenance fee for only free miners all premium miners can withdraw anytime.

As name suggest maintenance fee is used to maintain our Data centers, Hash Ring, machines As well as improvements in support and security. It’s only applicable to free miners and does not deduct from mined BTC.

Yes, there is affiliate program that can give you up to 100% affiliate bonus. You can also earn 20% affiliate by sharing your referral link. Bitbase provide banners also for affiliate every users join Bitbase with your referrals link will give you financial benefits.

Minimum withdrawals threshold is 0.0005 btc for every users joining as a free miners. Premium users can withdraw any amount.

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