One Touch Cloud Mining

Don’t know how to do online cloud mining? No worries Bitbase brings to you latest cloud mining technology with feasible guiding. Bitbase has made mining easier than never before, for getting started add your bitcoin address and click to start mining. Our mining systems are automated and give robust performance. Mining is process of generating bitcoin without buying, so start generating your first free bitcoin right now it’s free.

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20-100% Affiliate

Join our affiliate and earn up to 100% affiliate.

DDos Protected Servers.

Our systems secured and DDos Protected.

Free Cloud Mining

Start mining with our free mining plans.

Premium cloud Mining Contracts

With our Premium cloud Mining Contracts, you can withdraw any amount you want, There is no restriction of 0.005 BTC. Premium users will get benefits of 20-100% affiliate bonus according to your plan and also your mining speed will be increased.

Plan Future with Us

Bitbase the online could mine platform giving all the interested miners a chance to get the access to their advanced mining datacentre in free of cost. All new joining miners will get free access to our hashing algorithm (SHA-256) the highly protected and very safe compared to traditional mining platforms.

Bitbase deliver fantastic results every time because we have years of experience in cloud mining our experts have the knowledge of crypto currency market and they have been the industry leaders. We also have a dedicated team monitoring the bitcoin cloud mining every second. Our all the hashing ring powered 24/7 as well as all the mining is automated.

By joining Bitbase you ensure your secure future and can plan early retirements with our premiums plans. Our all premium plans comes with 2 years of validity. If you by our smallest plan which can return all your investment in a 2 months and you will start getting the profits till 2 years. Depending on your investment capacity we have various mining plans try it and chase your dreams right now. Starting with Bitbase is very simple just add your bitcoin address in the start mining field and press the start mining button and you’re done, your mining will start automatically from cloud.

Contact our support Team for Help

For all kind of help you can always contact our support team, Crypto expert will guide you through the process.

Need an assistant about your queries? Please contact us here.

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